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Laser Cutting

LAMP Consortium

Lasers for Advanced Material Processing
Israel Innovation Authority Consortium

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LAMP was initiated based on the vision of bringing the Israeli industry to the forefront of worldwide capabilities in material processing using the latest laser technology


Our Vision

 LAMP will focus on

  1. Building an ecosystem that will allow for fast and inexpensive development of material processing (welding, drilling, surface treatments) using lasers

  2. Developing breakthrough processes for material processing using existing and new lasers,

  3. Integrating these processes into the local industry for them to be able to offer advanced products

LAMP will focus on 3 main research and development areas:

  1. Developing simulation tools for the welding processes to be developed.

  2. Production Test Cell Development and Operation.  Develop and launch production test cells for testing of various materials and processes developed in LAMP.

  3. Process and Application Development.  Development of various processes for use with advanced laser technology.  This includes material characterization, laboratory and production test cell testing.

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