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About the consortium

LAMP is a consortium funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority as part of MAGNET program.

Magnet goals are "To assist in the development of generic technologies in important fields in the global market, in which Israeli industry has, or may have, a competitive advantage."

Simulation Development

The Simulations Team will work on 1) Researching the physical processes and associated computational strategies and develop a multi-physics simulation tool for laser welding, capable of running on desktop workstations. 2) Beam shaping strategies for reducing defect formation in laser welding processes developed within LAMP (e.g. sputtering, melt ejection etc.).  3) Validation of the simulation tool’s capabilities within the production test cells.

Production Test Cell Development

 Design and develop production test cells  that will incorporate Dynamic Beam Laser.  The cell will be designed with the following parameters and function:  test cell controller which integrates a robot or gantry system and wire feeder, propulsion system adjustment, mechanics and electronics.  In collaboration with the Simulations team, the group will adapt the optimal beam shapes for processing various materials.  

Process and Application Development

Development utilizing laser parameters (power and speed), beam scanning shape, dynamic beam with various frequencies, pre and post heating, melt pool control, pre and post surface cleaning using the laser beam and combining pre-heating, welding and thermal treatment in the same process using the unique scan shape of the laser beam. For welding of:​

  • Crack Sensitive Materials:  Al 5xxx, 7xxx, UHH

  • Dissimilar materials:  Aluminum-Copper, Titanium to INVAR/KOVAR

  • Surface hardening of steel tools  

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